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 – A basic necessity of civilized mankind, which differentiates man from lower species of Earth. An un-clothed mammal is an object of contempt. This precious thing is the outcome of the Textile Industry, which is nothing, but a human effort.

Today the Textile Industry offers a wide range of exclusive, eyecatching fine and superior fabrics to suit every ones passion and pocket. These fine and superior varieties of cloth, at the manufacturing stages, right from twisting of yarn to finished fabric require a number of chemicals.

Reeshab Teelak Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was set up in the year 1979 with the interest of giving the textile world a range of chemicals to enhance the quality of the fabric. Our Company specializes in manufacturing of textile auxiliaries for dyeing and finishing process.

In the year 1996 Reeshab Teelak added a range of Laundry Application products and today is a well known name in 5 Star Hotel Launderettes all over India. With continuous research and modern technology, we have been making tremendous progress. We have been growing steadily year after year adding equipment, products and goodwill to our repertoire.

As the environmental issues are of increasing concern, we also emphasize on an eco-friendly production. Success through growth and goodwill is our philosophy. Quality and Customer satisfaction is are our first priority.



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