Reeshab Teelak
jojo grease cleaner
Apply It..Scrub It..Wipe It..

A hard day's work… you are really tired…the warmth of your home beckons you… you want to sign off for the day and rush off. But wait, there's one dirty task that has to be completed…cleaning your hands…removing the grease and grime from your hands… applying soap, scrubbing them, rinsing them… if need be then repeat the process all over again…and then if clean enough dry them with a towel. 15 Minutes of your precious time down the drain, not to mention the soap and water.

Wouldn't life be easier if you had to do away with this boring routine of washing hands…or at least speedup the process and save time.

Well your wishes have just been answered.

Welcome to the world of ECO CHEM, a part of REESHAB Group, which has brought you excellent products like SWELLO and KETSOL. After years of dedicated research by our R&D Team, we have come up with JOJO GREASE CLEANER! This miracle product makes cleaning hands a three step affair:

Apply it, Scrub it, Wipe it…without using soap or water!

JOJO GREASE CLEANER Conditions and protects your hands and feet against Chapping, Cracking And Drying. It has a Unique Quality that on Application not only cleans but also softens your hands and feet.

So how do you use JOJO GREASE CLEANER?

Well you need not be a rocket scientist to know how to use it…

Rub JOJO GREASE CLEANER on greasy hands and feet. Scrub well. Wipe off with a clean cloth.


  • Common worker
  • Factory
  • Garages
  • Industries where manual labour is predominant

With many so called Grease Cleaners available in the market, where does JOJO GREASE CLEANER score over the others?

  • No rinsing of hands/feet with water after application
  • Quality at economical prices
  • Keeps your skin smooth and soft
  • Pleasant smelling
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable

Our production capacity enables us to meet the needs of local as well as international markets.

ECO CHEM is part of the well-established REESHAB Group of Companies, which is committed to Innovation and Quality.