Reeshab Teelak

We are living in a dangerous world where levels of pollution and health risks are extremely high and rising. Where fatal diseases and infection are caused by insignificant factors such as unhygienic surroundings, clothes etc. We in our day-to-day lives maybe washing our clothes regularly with good quality detergents in order to reduce the risk factor.

But have we ever confirmed whether our clothes are free of germs, bacteria or other living organisms that transmit diseases?

Keeping this important fact in view, we at REESHAB TEELAK have succeeded in minimizing the risk of easily communicable diseases by developing a unique product called ANTIBACT that not only cleanses the cloth completely but also kills all the invisible bacteria and other harmful organisms that remain on the cloth even after several washes.

ANTIBACT not only removes the visible impurities from the cloth, but also minute impurities like fungus, bacteria & other living organisms that are not seen by the naked eye, leaving behind a "Disinfected" cloth in the true sense.

A product that removes visible stains like oil, wax, dals, tea, blood etc. is good, but a product that also removes invisible germs and bacteria is revolutionary.

ANTIBACT is very useful for Hotels, Airlines, Hospitals and Nursing Homes and any other industry.

Advantages :

  • Extra high cleansing power.
  • Blood dissolving capacity.
  • Excellent moistening capacity.
  • Removal of stains.
  • Fabric protector.

Typical Properties :

Chemical Character
pH of 1% solution
8.5 to 9
Good, Forms Clear Dispersion
Stability to
-Hard water

Application :

(for 100 Kgs. cloth approx.)

  • 1-2% of ANTIBACT is to be added at the primary stage along with the detergent i.e. KETSOL - SR (preferably)

Note :

  • This information is presented in goodfaith but no warranty express/implied is given.