Reeshab Teelak
new generation wetting / rewetting agent

We at REESHAB TEELAK CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. have developed a unique swelling agent SWELLO ideal for all types of Cotton fabrics, Terrytowels, Linens, Pillow covers, Bedsheets, Table cloths, Aprons etc. SWELLO acts as an accelerator which is to be added along with the detergent as it swells the thin fibres of the fabric, making it easier for the detergent to penetrate into the cloth thereby facilitating the removal of the impurities from the cloth. It makes the cloth more white and soft as each strand of fibre is fluffed and cleaned thoroughly.

Typical Properties :

Water White Liquid
pH of 1% solution
7 to 7.5
Compatibility   Compatible with acids, alkalies, desizing agent.
Storage Life
6 to 8 months.
Soluble in water in all proportion
Effects on metals
Non Corrosive on all metals

Advantages :

  • SWELLO imparts natural softness & suppleness to fabrics.
  • It gives bounce to the fabrics.
  • It changes the entire feel of the fabric.
  • Increases the penetration capacity of the fabric by emulsifying in a very short period of time. It dissolves and removes the added impurities from synthetic fabrics, such as plasticizers antistatic agents, conning oil etc.
  • Keeps the machine clean for further process.

Advantages :

  • SWELLO is to be added at the primary stage along with the detergent. i.e. KETSOL-SR. We suggest to use 2 to 5 gms/litre.

Precaution :

  • Keep the container closed while not in use.
  • Keep the material away from fire.

Note :

  • This information is presented in good faith but no warranty express/implied is given.