Reeshab Teelak

ULTRA SOFT is a novel, universal softener which gives the fabric an ultrasoft, smooth, super absorbent supple feel. It is eminently suitable for terry towels which require to maintain the rich pile, at the same time having the maximum absorbency for the comfort of the user.

 special Properties :

Yellow colored liquid. .
Readily soluble in cold or warm water
Ionic State
Stability   Stable against hard water, acids and alkalis in usual concentration.
Storage Life   Approximately one year: Resistant to frost and tropical conditions.

ApplicatioN :

(for 100 Kgs. cloth approx.)

  • After washing and rinsing add 1% of ULTRASOFT of the weight of fabric

 Advantages :

  • Good hydrophilicity of this product is advantageous for imparting a unique feel to knitwears, terry towels.
  • Imparts maximum absorbency to the cotton fabrics, specially terry towels, allowing it to maintain it's rich pile.
  • Can be combined with optical brightners without impairing the degree of whiteness.
  • It is resistant to resin finish bath.
  • It is non - yellowing on the fabric.

 Note :

  • It can be universally used for all sorts of fabrics such as terry towels, bedsheets, napkins, tablecloths etc