Reeshab Teelak
New Generation Dye-Fixing Agent

DYE-O-FIX is a Dye Fixing Agent. To improve the wet fastness properties of dyeing and printing produced with Direct & Reactive Dyes on cellulosic fibers.

Characteristics :

Ionic   Cat-Ionic
pH of 1% Solution   4 to 5
Physical Appearance   approx. 1 .
Solubility   Completely miscible with water in all proportion
Compatibility   Compatible with Non-ionic & Cat-ionic
-salt solution   Good

Application For Direct Dyes :

  • Batchwise Application : The Fabric dyed with direct dyes should be treated on the jigger in bath containing 1-3 g/l of DYE-O-FIX.
  • Continuous Application : The dyed fabric is given an after treatment on open soaper by passing the goods continuously about 30 seconds in a liquor containing 10-20 g/l of DYE-O-FIX.

For Reactive Dyes :

  • Batchwise: The fabric dyed or printed with reactive dyes are given an after treatment in jigger in bath containing 1-2 g/l of DYE-O-FIX.
  • Continuous: An after treatment is given to the fabric dyed or printed with reactive dyes in the penultimate box in liquor containing 5-10 g/l of DYE-O-FM for about 30
    seconds or it may be padded on the wet material.

After DYE-O-FIX treatment, wash once in cold water and dry.
All the information given herein is without warranty.