Reeshab Teelak
Levelling And Stripping Agents For Disperse Dyes

ECO ELVEE Liquid, due to its substantivity for disperse dyes is the most suitable leveling agent in the dyeing of polyester and polyester blends with disperse dyes. ECO ELVEE Liquid also improves the dispersion stability of the dyebath. When used in higher concentrations it acts as a stripping agent. It can also be used for machine cleaning.

Properties :

Appearance   Dark Yellowish viscous liquid
Chemical Characteristics   Non-ionic aliphatic polyglycol ether
Specific gravity at 25°C   approx. 1 .
Miscibility   Good
Stability to
-dilute acids   Good
-dilute alkalis   Good
-hard water   Good
-salt solution   Good
 -Foaming   Low Foaming