Reeshab Teelak
ketsol-acc (red & blue)
An Ideal Optical Whitening Accelerator Blue

KETSOL-ACC is an Optical Whitening Accelerator which provides excellent whiteness, brilliantness & fastness to normal optical whiteness of Polyester. 0.5-1 c.c./litre of KETSOL-ACC is added to the padding liquor containing the optical whitener & is fixed on the polyester fabric during the thermofixation of the optical whiteness. The consumption of the optical whitener is reduced to about 25% by using KETSOL- ACC in the padding bath.

 Features :

  • KETSOL-ACC is ideally applicable to 100% polyester and polyester blended fabrics.
  • KETSOL-ACC has good fastness to normal bleaching & scouring.
  • KETSOL-ACC gives excellent results when thermofixation is carried out at 190o - 200o C.
  • KETSOL-ACC should be used where a best & clear white result is required.
  • KETSOL-ACC comes in two colours i.e. Red & Blue.

 Advantages :

  • KETSOL-ACC being non-ionic is compatible with both anionic & cationic products used in finishing.
  • KETSOL-ACC also reduces the consumption of optical whitener and still gives excellent whiteness & brilliantness to the Polyester and it's blends.

Recommendations :

  • 0.5-1 c.c./litre in the padding bath.(Without Warranty)