Reeshab Teelak
soilo & ketanol
a boon to textile processors

CLOTH - A basic necessity of civilized mankind, which differentiates man from lower species of Earth. An unclothed mammal is an object of contempt. This precious thing is the outcome of the Textile Industry, which is nothing, but a human effort. Today Textile Industry offers a wide range of exclusive, eye catching fine and superior fabrics to suit every ones passion and pocket.

These-fine and superior varieties of cloth, at the manufacturing stages, right from twisting of the yarn to the weaving of cloth is subjected to handling by men and man-made machines. It is here that the inseparable "FOREIGN IMPURITIES" daunt the best efforts of man.

The disastrous results of "FOREIGN IMPURITIES" have been a known and accepted fact by the Industry. To solve this mystery and to get over the problem of " FOREIGN IMPURITIES" permanently, efforts were made by many ................... . Yet "FOREIGN IMPURITIES" remained an unresolved phenomenon, till date.

We at Messrs. ASHAR INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, have the only possible answer to the problems of Textile Industries. The wonder words are SOILO & KETANOL a unique scouring-cum-wetting agents that have many advantages.

Special Properties :

SOILO & KETANOL have outstanding dissolving power on oil and fatty impurities of Carbon,, lubricants, oils, waxes and other parafinic products. Impurities caused by the above are effectively dissolved by SOILO & KETANOL from Textile fabrics.

  • Protects the fabrics, especially blends of weak fibers from damages as it does not require rubbing, strong chemicals, acids etc.
  • Further processing of treated fabrics can be delayed if required for the subsequent scouring and bleaching and will not give rise to undesired ring marks and hence faultless dyeing result is assured.
  • Dyestuff affinity in the treated area by spot method, even postponed to scouring and bleaching is not disturbed and hence produces good level, even dyeing and free from haloness.
  • Efficient, effective and overall highly economical.
  • Higher yields of dyestuffs and better fastness is also a natural result of excellent absorbency in dyeing and printing.
  • Reduced consumption of expensive optical whitening agents.
  • Gives better feel, lustre and sparkle to fabrics.
  • Major saving due to reduced value-loss.
  • Economical-less quantity to be used compared to any other available brands in market, yet best and assured results.
  • Unique formula for all varieties of fabrics.
  • Removes foreign impurities from yarns.
  • Minimum foam and odour problems.
  • Only solution for removing foreign impurities from heat-set fabrics.
  • Can be used in all process equipment's, jet, jigger J-box, kier etc.
  • Prolonged storage does not-impair quality.