Reeshab Teelak
New Generation Dye-Fixing Agent

Polyester is a very tough fibre. While spinning the polyester yarn, the denier of the yarn is adjusted in the hot stretching zone. During the hot-stretching process some internal tension develops in the yarn. This tension affects the natural feel of the yarn and thus affects the final feel of the finished fabric.

To remove this internal tension in the yarn, a new polymer SWELLO-SK has been developed. This product is very useful to open difficult punches in the Roto yarn Polyester and Blended Fabrics and also gives full relaxation to the fabric.

Typical Properties :

Appearance   Liquid light pale yellow.
Temperature   About 100° absorbency is higher and workability is good.
pH of 1% solution   7 to 7.5.
Compatibility   Compatible with acids, alkalies, desizing agents.
Storage Life   6 to 8 months.
Miscibility   Miscible in water in all proportions.
Effects on Metals   Non Corrosive on all metals.


  • SWELLO-SK imparts really natural, soft, suppleness to fabrics.
  • It gives bounce to the fabrics.
  • It changes the entire feel of the fabrics.
  • Increases the penetration capacity of the fabric by emulsifying in a very short period of time. It dissolves and removes the added impurities from synthetic fabrics, such as plasticizers, Antistatic agents, conning oil etc.
  • Keeps the machine clean for the further process.
  • Original strength of Grey fabric is maintained even after bleaching
  • Level Dyeing.
  • Brilliant shades.
  • Uniform penetration, higher yields of dyes and better fastness.

Applications :

SWELLO-SK can be used with normal scouring and weight reducing bath. Recommended quantity of SWELLO-SK depends on the construction constitution of the fabric and on desired or required feel of the fabric. However we suggest to use 2 to 5 gms/litre and Soda ash along with the normal scouring and weight reducing bath.

Precaution :

  • Keep the container closed while not in use.
  • Keep the material away from fire.