Reeshab Teelak
Optical Whitening Agent For Polyster Fibres

WHITE-R is a liquid dispersion of disperse type of optical whitener and is used for whitening of polyester fibres. It exhibits excellent whitening effect not only under fluorescent lamps but also under skylight.

The Whitening effect has a very good light fastness. It is highly resistant to heat and hence is most suitable for Pad-Thermos processes. It can also be used as optical whitener for polyamide, triacetate and secondary acetate fibers. It has no affinity for polyacrylonitrile fibers, wool, silk, cotton and viscose fibers. It is stable to the oxidizing and reducing agents normally used in textile processing.

 Application :

WHITE-R is practically applied as a colorless disperse dye by the following methods :

  • Pad Thermos Process
  • Exhaust Method
      1. High temperature at 125° to 130°C.
      2. Carrier Method at 95° to 98°C

On account of its high optical brightening power, it gives a very high grade of whiteness at a relatively low concentration.

The saturation limit of polyester fiber lies generally at 0.5% WHITE-R. However even at low concentration of 0.2 to 0.3% it gives very high brightening effect, which is mostly sufficient for normal demand.

  • Pad Thermosol Process : 4-6 g/l WHITE-R (+.5 g/l Wetting Agent

Pad the cloth and dry it about 120°C and Thermosol at 175° to 180°C for 30 to 60 seconds.

  • Exhaust Method : High Temperature Method :
    0.1 - 0.4% WHITE-R (+.5 g/l Wetting Agent)
    1 g/l Dispersing Agent
    pH 5-6 with Acetic Acid
    90-120 minutes at 95°-98°C

WHITE-R is a dispersion and should be stirred well before use to avoid difference in brightening effects.

Under combined use of a slight amount of KETSOL ACC with WHITE-R it is possible to strengthen the visual whiteness.

(Results are based on our experience in plant and laboratories and for guaranteed results consumers may set their own recipe)

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