Reeshab Teelak
A Unique Weight Reducing Agent For Polyster
Features :

WR-2000 is specially developed for the purpose of weight reducing of polyester 6t blended fibres. This product is most useful for sensitive/delicate quality of fibres which has no compatibility with caustic soda.

WR-2000 is an environment friendly product which creates very less effluent.

 Technical Properties :

Appearance   Brownish Liquid
Solubility   Dilutes easily with water.
pH of 1% solution   Highly Alkaline.
Lonogenecity   Non ionic

Application :

WR-2000 should be applied in jet dyeing machine along with normal scouring bath. 3-4% WR-2000 of the weight of fabric should normally be sufficient to obtain required weight reduction.

Temperature   90°C
Duration   30 Minutes
To acquire maximum weight reductions - ratio can be changed as under
WR-2000   5% (On Weight Base)
Temperature   90°C
Duration   40-45 Minutes
After the above process drain the water, take hot wash/cold wash and after Neutralization unload the fabrics.


  • The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without guarantee.